Amargi draws inspiration from the wealthy source Albanian ethnography, but with a fresh, modern design.

Our main focus is to provide top quality clothing, combining the work of many Albanian women, proud and knowledgeable of their cultural heritage, refining every detail with maximum care.

Every collection presents a new aspect of the wealthy background, centering around a particular region, fabric, motif, or production process, now silenced in museums.

At the core of our brand is our selection of artisan hand-loomed fabric, deliberately chosen in support of the local economy, the empowerment of women and the principles of sustainability.

Our values are beauty, quality, sustainability, legacy and empowerment.

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Amargi neoheirlom collection

our story

When you wear Amargi, you wear the story behind it.

In the journey toward the beautiful, Amargi stays true to its roots. The word ‘Amargi’ translates from ancient Sumerian as ‘return to mother’. Through the exploration of the Albanian ethnographic heritage, Amargi seeks to reawaken a national intellectual wealth that will evanesce with the generation of our grandparents.

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Our products are made-to-order, thus reducing waste. The fabric used is hair-loomed, contributing to preserve the old fabric-production techniques.

The materials used vary from cotton, silk, and our most special yet – sheep wool, organic and artisanal, just as it has been produced in Albania for centuries.

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The designs had been brewing in a young Albanian designer’s mind for years, as she was always fascinated by the presence of the traditional clothing her grandmother wore daily.

The rituals, care and thought put in these outfits made her appreciate clothing more profoundly.

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When you wear Amargi, you wear the story behind it.



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